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QUADRO Product History

In 1976, the company Emil Adolff Plastic GmbH & Co KG, based in Reutlingen, Germany, assigned some of their in-house developers with the task of developing products and systems as part of an innovation and diversification study. The products and systems were to demonstrate the potential to add an additional mainstay to the companys operations as providers of piping and yarn carriers within the textiles industry. During the period from 1976 to 1978 this team of employees were able to develop four new systems.

1. Sound insulating walls made from piping,
suitable for planting
2. Solar cells, with water pipelines
for use on the roofs of houses
3. Composite plastic matting in 80x120cm sheets for the construction of temporary paths and roads, made from recyclable plastics. Durable for trucks weighing up to 20 tonnes
4. and QUADRO
Considered in isolation, the first prototypes of QUADRO had already been developed in 1977/78 and tested in 16 German nursery schools, with the close cooperation of "TÜV Deutschland", the German technical inspection authority. The results were extremely positive and, although completely new ground for the TÜV, led to the certification of the system.

In mid-1979 QUADRO (brand name, production means, patent rights, utility models, moulds, trademark, other trademark rights), being a toy product intended for recreational use by children, was split off from the other 3 systems and from Emil Adolff Plastic GmbH & Co KG and the subsidiary company Emil Adolff Plastic GmbH due to financial reasons.