The QUADRO Ultimate - The ultimate all-round play construction

The QUADRO ULTIMATE offers extremely different models like the Baby Ballcage with Baby Slide or a fully closed Knight´s Castle suitable to be filled with balls (Art. 12600).
The ULTIMATE is a result of customer queries for a GIANT CONSTRUCTION KIT including features near the Baby Playcenter (Art. 57120) with steps of only 20 cm height suitable for children aged 1 year and above.
During the childhood the ULTIMATE also allows you to build models with a second floor providing play experience for children at an age of about 3 years with increased fine motor skills.

The ULTIMATE includes 747 components including special parts like the QUADRO Baby Ballcage roof (Art. 00011), the QUADRO Aluminum Profiles (Art. 40247) and the QUADRO Double tube connectors (Art. 00955) which let you build the Baby Slide or the Ramp. The ULTIMATE is a true all-round play construction in the QUADRO product range, always transformable and adaptable for all ages including luxury equipment.

The ultimate play paradise

The combination of Ultimate with slide is a real dream team! It is possible to create fantastic models, which will not only amaze your own children, but for sure also catch the attention of neighbor‘s children. No matter if Modular-, Integrated-, or Curved Slide – simply select your favorite slide and let your ideas run wild!
The ultimate dream team is a combination of ULTIMATE (Art. 16699), SLIDE and POOL L (Art. 11670). Especially the POOL, in the summer, gives a great cooling experience for your children. Let your garden turn to the ultimate playing paradise where children can run wild!

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