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Owner and operating company is QUADRO Ltd. with headquarter in England. We want to invite you to look through this web site for your personal fun and information and you can go through the web site the way you want to. You can download the material that is shown here for your personal and non-commercial needs, but only under the condition that you consider the corresponding trademark rights according to copyright, trade marks and so on. Without written approval of QUADRO Ltd. it is not allowed to use or to spread out any texts, pictures, audio or video material as well as the QUADRO computer program as copy, duplication, publication, Upload or in electronic or postal ways.

You can temporarily copy material on your computer for your personal, non-commercial needs under the premises that you do not violate copyright, trademark and other owner references.

QUADRO Ltd. does not guarantee that the content of the web site may be applicable or available at other locations. When you use the web site at a different location you have to ensure that you do not violate local laws. QUADRO Ltd. products are available in many parts of the world. However, this web site may show products that are not available worldwide. In the case that one condition cannot be used the other, not used part, is still applicable according to valid laws. The remaining part of the conditions remains in total valid.

General business conditions

1. Everything you can read or see on this web site is, if not listed otherwise, has to be considered as protected by copyright and trademark. Therefore, a usage is only allowed according to the General terms and conditions. In principle QUADRO Ltd. cannot be called responsible in case that the rights of other companies with which QUADRO Ltd. is not connected in any legal or business terms may be affected by your usage of the material shown here. The picture shown here are owned by QUADRO Ltd. or are used with their permission. The usage of these pictures is only allowed according to the General terms and conditions. Any improper use may be an offence of the copyright or trademark or it may offend the legal rules for the protection of personal rights, laws against unfair competition and rules and regulations for communication.

2. When you look at our web sit or may want to use it otherwise it is all dure to your own risk. Neither QUADRO Ltd. nor other parties participating in the creation and presentation of this web site are liable for direct or indirect damages, consequential damage or punitive damage, which are caused by the visit respectively the use of our website. However, we provide you with this web site „the way it is“, i.e. without explicit guarantees of any kind whatsoever, like fitness for use, serviceability and the non-violation of third party rights. The laws of some countries do not allow the exclusion of statutory liabilities and guarantees so please be aware that the exclusion rule mentioned above may partly not bet rue for you and may partly not be valid for you. Please examine if the exclusion of statutory guarantees may in part or in total be restricted by you local laws. Finally, QUADRO Ltd. does not take responsibility for damages that may occur on your computer or your property by viruses or other causes when you surf on our web site or download data, text, pictures or audio/video material.

3. In scope of justifiable action QUADRO Ltd. will do everything to ensure the exactness and up-to-dateness of the information on the web site. However, QUADRO Ltd. does not take responsibility for the exactness of this information. For discrepancies or incompletion on the web site QUADRO Ltd. declines any liabilities or responsibility whatsoever.

4. News or material that you submit via email or other ways, like data, questions, comments, proposals or similar are not confidentially or in copyright protected and will be treated like that. QUADRO Ltd. is allowed to further process your submitted material in any ways QUADRO Ltd. likes to, e.g. by copying, transfer to third parties, radio and television broadcasting and mailing. In addition QUADRO Ltd. is allowed to further use ideas, concepts, know how and technologies that have been submitted by you, to use it the way QUADRO Ltd. likes to do, like in development, production and marketing or products.

5. The brands and logos on the web site are protected trademarks of QUADRO Ltd. The content of the web site does not present a tacit or other approval for a further use of the trademarks shown on the web site without written consent of QUADRO Ltd. or the legitimate owner of the trademark in question. For further use of trademarks please read the section about the protection of intellectual property.

6. Our web site can contain links to web sites of other operators that are not part of QUADRO Ltd. The corresponding web sites are not checked by us in any way and we are not responsible for their content. The existence of these links does not mean that we identify ourselves with the contents of these sites or that we agree with them, that we can recommend them or that there is a connection between QUADRO Ltd. and the corresponding operators. Therefore, QUADRO Ltd. does explicitly decline any responsibility for the reliability, correctness or legitimacy of the contents of other web sites. We also decline any responsibility for damages to property or persons as well as liability claims or claims for damages, that are caused by the direct or indirect access on third party web sites via links on our web site or that are caused by the other web sites or their content. The switch to other web sites will be carried out at your own risk.

7. QUADRO Ltd. reserves the right to revise the available General terms and conditions at any time and to change this document accordingly. Those changes are obligatory for you, so we advise you to check from time to time on the current state of the General terms and conditions.

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