the Product

QUADRO, however, continued to be produced, packaged and stored by Emil Adolff Plastic GmbH until the 1980s.

Following its initially huge success at the toy trade fair in Nuremburg in 1979, Quadro was seen not only as a product for one market, but rather as a system for several markets across the entire recreational sector – for children and adults alike, at home, in the garden, indoors and outdoors.

QUADRO, a brand new toy, and the world’s first construction kit to consist of just 12 basic elements,
was born!

Even today, not much has changed in this basic system. From 1979 to the present day, new developments have led to the addition of particular features or adjustments to meet toy safety standards.

The basic system, developed in 1979, consisted of the following component parts :

1. four different three-dimensional connecting pieces
2. four different two-dimensional connecting pieces
3. three different tube lengths
4. one panel

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